The Births, Lives, Times, Secrets and Deaths of Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist

Brokeback Mountain The Complete Novel 1943-2006 XVII

Chapter 17 ~ The Forever Joining Of Souls

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Responsibility & Loneliness
The ride down to camp was made in complete silence. They rode side by side, each adjusting their speed to keep exact pace with the other, only pausing to detour around a tree or a boulder.

At the campsite, Jack added wood to the fire and moved the kettle over it to bring it back to a boil.

Though Ennis wordlessly made sure Jack knew that he enjoyed the meal and appreciated the effort by eating a couple servings and mmmmmming a lot, he uttered not one single word, which worried Twist.

Needlessly though, for the ranch hand was still convinced that Jack hated him for being ass raped last night and again this morning but was too embarrassed to report it to the sheriff or Aguirre; probably for fear of what people would say.

On the other hand Twist had gone to a lot of trouble to make this special meal for him so the young rancher was still confused… Maybe Jack had enjoyed what they'd done as much as Ennis thought he had?

On the other side of the campfire, poor Jack still thought Ennis hated him for trying to turn him into a queer or something.

Unable to find the right words, neither spoke.

In the uncomfortable silence, wolves and owls called out into the surprisingly warm night.

Twist finally gave up and crawled into the big camp tent muttering, "G’night," sort of hoping Ennis would follow.

When nothing happened, he peeked outside as Ennis walked slowly over to his horse, mounted it and rode away into the darkness.

Jack bowed his head alone, then shrugged out of his shirt, opened the soap-scented bedroll and pushed the blanket into the foot of it while kicking off his boots.

He was just preparing to bed down for the night when twigs snapped outside in the darkness beyond the campfire.

A bear or a wolf attracted by the smell of food? His eyes glanced at his rifle ever within reach next to his bedroll and he stretched his hand out for it.

Ennis had returned for his forgotten coat… or at least that’s the reason he gave himself for coming back to camp. He tended Cigar Butt and then walked towards the tent.

The young good-looking horseman suddenly stopped in his tracks at the fire as though changing his mind and his whole body shuddered once from nervousness as he stood there looking down sadly.

Jack lay back down, shivering from pent-up anticipation and waited to see what would happen next. When nothing did, he sat up and peered out through the flaps.

Ennis had settled back down on the log staring like a lost puppy into the flickering embers for what seemed like forever. Sometimes he'd look over at the tent flap causing Jack to duck out of sight, sometimes just shaking his head as if he were really miserable… which he very much was.

If he did this now there was no turning back, no undoing what was done. He could deny and delude himself but he’d always know it happened.

There was also the terror of rejection if he was wrong.

He looked off toward the hillsides where he had a responsibility to be with the sheep and then at the tent, then back toward the herd.

Something compelled Jack to quickly slip out of his jeans, boots and socks as if wanting Ennis to have no doubt that he was welcome to take up where they left off last night and this morning.

Still keeping an eye on his friend, Twist pulled the blanket up to cover his nakedness in case he was wrong. He too was worried about this big step in his life, though less unsure than Ennis was.

Out next to the crackling spitting fire, suddenly his young life’s worth of loneliness got the better of Ennis and he felt himself drawn to Jack and the feelings within himself that he couldn’t understand. He closed his eyes and bowed his head in surrender, cursing under his breath.

Letting Go Of Fear & Finding Love
Jack almost jumped up to comfort him when Ennis suddenly stood as if making a decision and then he slowly advanced on the tent.

With his hat meekly in his hand in respect, he parted the flaps and was startled to meet Jack’s eyes right in front of him.

Both felt it but neither knew yet that in that precise moment their souls had been joined together by fate for all the rest of their born days. This was a bridge that would flash-burn the moment they crossed it making it impossible to return from where they were before… no looking back.

Ennis abruptly realized that he had only seconds to stop himself before it was too late and he fought with the decision. Last night and this morning could be written off with lame and bad excuses, but this… this was intentional and he knew it. Suddenly he felt he couldn’t resist the sexless “want” and the undisguised “need” that was in Jack’s eyes as it welled up inside of himself too.

The terror-filled memory of the price that Earl and Rich paid for what Ennis now needed from Jack slammed into del Mar full force.

Jack drew closer but hesitated with a bewildered look.

Without a word their eyes locked.

Ennis didn’t know what to do as Jack reached out and took his hat, tossing it aside.

Jack merely knew that he wanted to do it again, only this time with feeling.

Ennis’ pent-up emotions began to spill out and his fear that God was watching caused him to draw away and try to back out of the tent. "I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have… I’m sorry that I… I’m so sorry, Jack."

Jack grabbed his forearm and held it, keeping him from chickening out and tenderly whispered, "It’s all right. Come bed down here with me, it’s all right," as Ennis’ eyes seemed to glaze over with want.

The comforting palm of Jack's hand found Ennis' cheek and tenderly caressed it as they became more lost in each other's eyes.

With each softly repeated "It’s alright," that followed, something inside both of them began to heal and without voicing it they each gave the other permission to explore forbidden thoughts… to stop fearing something they’d both denied all their lives.

Jack brushed the blanket aside.

Ennis' eyes hungrily explored the muscular naked body of his friend and frowned, mystified that Jack wasn’t erect, then realized too, that it was love more than sex that had taken such a strong hold of both of them.

With shuddering hands they embraced, knowing that the unfeeling animal sex they’d had last night was the only thing that was "a one shot deal." As their lips met for the first time, hesitant at first, they became locked in breathless passion.

Ennis couldn’t stop whispering that he was sorry and suddenly drew back again, scared of the feeling he couldn’t understand and feared.

As it came welling up inside of himself too, Jack pulled away this time unsure that he’d mistaken this man’s intentions, but Ennis drew him back and Jack’s trembling hands pulled his new lover’s clothes off as their lips relocked in a fiery kiss.

Jack pushed him onto his back and did likewise beside him to his right.

Ennis’ head fell onto Twist’s left shoulder. Letting his fears go completely, del Mar began caressing Jack’s bare muscular chest, then his fingers strayed to his neck and then his chin.

In a state of pure joy, Ennis tenderly gathered Jack in his arms and threw his left leg over Twist's, snuggling to him in need.

Jack rolled over on top of Ennis, who was still shaking from pent up emotions and as their lips met again, Jack kissed him as no one had ever been kissed before.

Ennis began exploring Jack’s body again with the palms of his hands. Gradually... slowly... they sought out every inch of each other with kissing lips and lapping tongues, but not in lust, but in the freedom and release of hidden wants that they’d secretly carried all of their young lives but until now hadn’t been free to express.

It was like falling for your first crush all over again.

In the warm evening tent, Jack rolled onto his stomach, turned his naked back to Ennis’ iron erection and raised only his brawny hips up in desperate want. His voice came in a hoarse anxious whisper, "I want ya so bad Ennis, do it… make love to me, give it to me agin, I need it… I need ya bad."

Ennis lovingly eased his full weight onto Jack’s back straddling his spread legs. With shaking breath, he passionately kissed up the warm skin between Jack’s shoulders to the back of his neck and carefully entered the desirable body beneath him lubricated with sweat and dribbling precum.

He groaned as Jack’s tight ass ring slid up his quivering cock and as they became one Ennis gathered his forearms forward beneath Jack’s armpits as he softly kissed the side of his new love’s face from behind.

A sigh of contentment came from both young men at the same time as if their minds had become one too. Soon they were really making love, not just having sex, it was love as undeclared as it was deep, leaving them convinced that they’d never before felt this way about anyone else.

Ennis took his time easing himself in and out in slow motion savoring every moment and sensation of their joining. Every sigh and groan from Jack thrilled him completely beyond their understanding, easing del Mar’s fear that he’d hurt Jack in the penetration last night.

Through the evening their bodies and then souls joined. It was an emotion-filled and tender love that both had never experienced before and they became lost in it.

I'm fuckin' Alma - I ain't no queer ...I'm fuckin' Alma. I ain't fuckin' no man I'm fuckin' Alma... I want... I want... I'm fuckin' Jack.

Ennis never left Jack's back and at times forgot he was still inside him. If he tried to ease out in concern that Jack might be in physical pain, Twist softly moaned a plea not to withdraw.

Alma never liked to be fucked for more than ten-fifteen minutes or so, but Jack beneath him acted as if he wanted it all night... indeed forever. ...Every man's dream. Every time Ennis was on the verge of cumming, his lover seemed to sense it and slowed things down just barely enough to keep it going on... and on... and on.

Ennis’ elbows still remained beneath Jack’s armpits.
Ennis’ hands were being kissed by Jack’s tender lips.

In annnnnnnnd almost out, in annnnnnnnd almost out.
A satisfied moan, a content whimper; it didn’t matter from whom.
Both bawling tears from the freedom and joy each gifted the other.
In annnnnnnnd almost out, over and over for hours because neither wanted it to end... so it didn't.
Ennis’ knees between Jack’s, their ankles intertwined and free and then intertwined again.
At times Ennis thought and then hoped his body would dissolve into Jack’s to become one man to complete their joining.

They cuddled, they kissed, and became like Siamese twins joined at the back to chest.

They made love all night only cumming hours later when manly lust took over from emotion…

Jack flipped onto his back and Ennis quickly reentered him again. Jack’s face expressing pure joy, his feet atop Ennis’ strong shoulders.

Del Mar fucked and rubbed Twist’s prostate.
Faster now, more urgent, Breaths in loud gasped throws of passion.
Hearts pounding, urgent... faster... faster... harder... Harder Baby, HARDER!
More, Oh More... faster... deeper... some-something's happening... oh my oh my God...
Del Mar finally came up Jack's ass in gushes that nearly caused him to pass out.
The pulses from Ennis’ enormous cock made Jack writhe in ecstasy.
Jack was astonished seconds later when he shot another enormous load without even touching himself.

The urgency ended with lips locked together like they’d never part.

Ennis was hesitantly considering asking Jack if he wanted to do it again, but before he found the words Twist guided the ranch hand’s rehardened cock back inside him and ten minutes later they orgasmed simultaneously again never breaking that gasping kiss in loud freeing screams down each other’s throats.

It was never this way with Alma. Why wasn't it this way with Alma?

…Theirs was a deep love that their upbringing wouldn’t allow them to express to each other in words.

Without saying anything about it, both knew how it would go for the rest of the summer

...sheep be damned.

16905 D Road, Lightning Flat Wyoming
Joe Aguirre answered his kitchen phone that evening, taking a call for his son Johnny who was staying the night at a friend’s.

Climbing the stairs to his boy’s 2nd floor bedroom, he turned on the lights and smiled. He didn’t come up here very often and was pleased to see the room cluttered with football and basketball paraphernalia, sports uniforms from his high school, assembled plastic model cars and trucks, and he smiled wondering where the hidden Playboys were.

On the nightstand next to the neatly made bed was a scribbled-on notepad and he sat down to scrawl the phone message for his kid, but frowned at what was written on the top page.

16905 D Road, Lightning Flat Wyoming.

Frowning, Aguirre tried to remember where he’d seen that address before. Putting the pad down, his eyes caught a crumpled piece of notebook paper on the floor. He bent forward to scoop it up and stood at the bed reading it with a frown.
Dear Jack,
Thanks for keeping my secret from my dad. I’m so sorry for all the trouble I caused you and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

My back’s doing much better and I’m getting around fine.

My love for you still burns in me and…”
That was all it said.

“What the hell?” mumbled a concerned father.

On the dresser was a loose-leaf notebook where maybe the second draft of the letter he’d just read was hidden.

As he picked it up, something fell out and Joe bent down to find a 5” x 7” cheaply printed softbound booklet that contained page after page of naked men in posing straps, some holding or kissing other men, or bare-assed in wrestling poses.

An anger began brewing in Joe. On the back fly leaf of the pornographic tabloid was taped a newspaper clipping about a young bullrider who’d just won a minor junior first-place trophy with a blurred photo of him bucking on a horned behemoth.

The caption beneath the news photo said JACK TWIST.

The strangely named D Road… Lightning Flat… Jack Twist… “SHIT!!!” he bellowed loud enough for the whole house to hear.

A muffled female voice came from downstairs, “Honey; ya alright?” asked his wife.

Aguirre steadied his voice and called down to her, “Yeah, Baby, jest fine, sorry.”

He leaned over and picked up the little notepad again. Flipping the page, he found Ennis del Mar’s information. How the hell did his kid know about that fool ranch hand?

His face grew a baffled frown when he realized del Mar had been assigned... at random!... to Twist... How the hell?

From under his son’s mattress came three porn booklets filled with more naked men.

He muttered under his breath between gritted teeth, “Where the hell did he get these from?’ and then, "Them bastards turned my boy queer?”

For the next half hour he scoured his son’s room and when he was satisfied he’d found everything, burned it all out back in the trash barrel. He wouldn't say a word to his boy; just let him find them missing and then suffer a good long-long time worrying about who'd found them, removed them and then be scared of who was coming to punish him for it.

Johnny'd probably think it was his mother cleaning.

He tried to calm himself watching the flames. Gil Rowan had had Cheryl at head office send out cards to former employees to see if they wanted to work again this year. It never occurred to him to tell his wife to exclude Twist’s name. He was so preoccupied with last-minute hiring this spring that the name and face somehow completely slipped his mind.

Damn it!

Thinking rationally and not rushing it, he finally figured it had to be just a normal teenaged boy’s rodeo hero crush and the kid was just over the moon at Twist for saving his life.

That still left the porn.

Aguirre spent the next hour trying to figure out a way to know for sure about Twist being queer… or whether the bastard had ever touched his boy or was it just a crush. Maybe that's why the son-of-a-bitch got him drunk!

The solution came with a phone call from Twist’s mother the next morning.

Within the next few love-hazed days after they’d joined their souls and bodies together even further, they admitted to themselves ...but not to each other that they’d fallen in love…

There were many tender moments like the morning Ennis found Jack asleep on his feet by the fire. He came up lovingly behind him, wrapped him in his arms and sweetly sang a lullaby that his mother had taught him as a boy, then pointed him toward their tent with a small push and jumped on Cigar Butt, riding off to tend the sheep.

As Jack watched him go he thought about their new relationship and wondered if he had the courage to make it last past September when they’d have to part.

Oddly the one forbidden thing that seemed to thrill them the most was kissing, which they did often. It wasn’t something they’d ever discussed; they just became comfortable doing it without thinking.

Ennis realized it was like cussing when you were a little kid. Your parents continuously forbade you to do it, so it gave a little mental adventure every time you swore behind their backs.

They never talked about the sex either but gradually just sort of let it happen, at first only in the tent at night, then in the full daylight with the hot noon sun striking down and in the evening within the fire's glow, masculine, quick, rough, laughing and snorting, no lack of noises.

Del Mar figured that if God hadn’t struck him down with lightning by now for doing it right out in the open under his nose, it must be okay with the Lord.

Through the intense passion and comfort with each other, they never uttered the one word they felt but that neither of them could say out loud. Not that it really needed to be said.

Ennis never did admit that in the very beginning most of the time he was fighting to think of Alma while they made love… but now to his mind it was all Jack.

Twist suspected it and came up with a plan. Jack tried new and progressively more daring things like making Ennis lay completely still on his back while he squatted over him, raising and lowering himself as if jacking Ennis off with his tight throbbing ass.

Another night Jack tried oral sex for the first time but didn’t like it, but Ennis expressed how much he enjoyed it, saying it was like giving Jack his life to swallow when he came, so Jack kept using it as foreplay and eventually got really good at it, even acquiring a taste for it... (excuse the pun).

Ennis became another man; almost like a kid experiencing the freedom of being left alone at home without a babysitter for the first time. The handsome cowboy began grinning, even laughing. Most surprising of all... del Mar began walking around naked as casual as you please in camp, and seemed to glory in the freedom.

Jack's gaze followed him wherever he went when that happened, and helplessly fell deeper and deeper in love as Ennis seemed to become free and happy before his eyes.

Ennis suddenly began smiling all the time and became the practical joker. Many's the time Ennis would get him into clothes fights where he'd steal Jack's pants or shirt before he could put them on in the morning.

Ennis had never volunteered to allow Jack to fuck him so Jack never asked, though one night he tried to urge him over on his stomach to enter him but Ennis resisted, so Twist gave up quickly.

Always the sight of Ennis’ athletic cowboy sexy ass sent chills through Jack's loins, and now that he was allowed to openly admire and sometimes even compliment it, that happened often.

Del Mar tried giving head to Twist once and they wound up in an aggressive "69" that lasted half an hour. It turned into a competition to see who could bring his partner to orgasm without shooting his own load first.

They’d both became accomplished at making their joining last but after that night Ennis never offered again.

As men, all men straight or otherwise, they had one overriding fear of not pleasing their sexual partner, so though they’d begin something they didn’t particularly like to do, once started, they gave it their all for fear of failure. Let loose the reins, balls to the wall, all out, whole hog.

They’d blissfully created their own Eden and they were both happier than they could ever remember being their whole lives.

It was as if there were only the two of them on the mountain, indeed in the whole world, their souls soaring joyously high in the brisk mountain air, looking down on the hawk’s back spreading it’s wings far beneath and the crawling lights of cars and trucks on the plain far below, suspended above ordinary affairs and distant from tame ranch dogs barking in the dark hours.

They believed themselves invisible...

...they were wrong.

The Horse In The Parking Lot
They moved the camp again, even closer to the sheep this time, fire and all, not caring about the Forest Service rules or what Aguirre would think.

The little pup tent stayed permanently rolled up behind Ennis’ saddle.

Even though there were seventeen other two-man teams on the upper stages of the mountain, they hadn’t seen a single soul, other than that young camper that Ennis had talked to, since coming up here and for some reason even the wolves and coyotes stayed away.

It had gotten to the point where they couldn’t stand to be apart for more than a few hours and one or the other would come up behind and give an affectionate hug or a peck on the back of the neck.

Usually both began tending the sheep together, always keeping the flock within sight of camp.

They spent hours sitting next to each other talking about their hopes and dreams.

Ennis wanted to buy back his parents’ ranch on Lake Sage and raise championship horses, cattle, and a huge family in a home full of love.

Jack wanted to be king of the rodeo and then retire famous and own some huge successful business chain selling hunting and camping supplies.

Eventually the story about Michael came out and how sad it made Ennis to think about it.

Both knew their dreams were impossible.

Del Mar fell into a brooding and never told Jack about how he might have had a hand in his parents’ death.

Jack never mentioned Johnny-Jack, and oddly enough, Ennis never thought to ask about Twist’s first summer up here.

Too much talking about Sage caused a nightmare one night for Ennis. Rich and Earl, Michael killing himself because he was homosexual. Everything being ripped from del Mar every time the boy and then man thought he was happy.

Ennis woke up crying but wouldn't say what was wrong.

Jack noticed the change in him immediately. He also knew that his lover was trying to go back to being the happy man just for him... but not quite succeeding.

Eventually routine settled them back on track, though Jack worried that the slightest thing might derail them again.

When they got hungry whoever was in the mood would leave early and go down to prepare something to eat for the both of them, then they’d share the meal together. For obvious, but unspoken reasons, Ennis was the one who always left occasionally to hunt for wild game to eat.

The camp was wherever the sheep and dogs were, one and the same. It might have been against the rules but the woolies were a lot safer being constantly looked after by both of their shepherds.

Twist noticed that the ewes had even begun keeping their lambs quiet at night so Jack and Ennis could sleep peacefully in the tent amongst them, almost as if they were showing their appreciation for the increased care the men gave them.

Sometimes Twist would laugh when one of his favorite dogs would sneak in and try to sleep between them, licking either or both faces playfully.

Jack loved to make his wilderness stew and Ennis came up with a way to make a covered iron pot into an improvised campfire oven and made breakfast biscuits and even cookies.

Their friendship grew closer and closer to full-blown no-turning-back love, which worried Ennis because they’d have to separate a month or so from now… but he had time to prepare for it.

One morning while Jack was shaving at a chest high tree stump, he became aware of Ennis’ eyes on his back.

Twist was dressed in his tight jeans and denim shirt and as his companion approached, Jack froze where he was with his safety razor dipped in the galvanized cup of cold water.

Ennis’ whispered in his right ear, "Don’t move."

The ranch hand’s fingers came around the rodeo rider's waist from behind and fastened the handsome young man's shirt up, tucked it into his jeans, then his fingers moved lower to the belt loops to tug his jeans up even tighter.

Twist smiled in anticipation of what his friend had in mind.

Into Jack’s left ear Ennis instructed, "Start shavin’ agin 'n don’t stop no matter what happens. There’s a'somethin’ I wanted to do on the day I met ya in Aguirre's parkin' lot 'n I cain’t get it out of my mind."

Twist smiled and slowly began scraping again at his smooth face.

Ennis stood back and nodded; except for the absence of Jack’s pickup truck it was perfect – just the way he remembered. He approached his brawny friend, and thought back to those first moments outside of the office trailer watching Twist shave in the side mirror of his truck. He nodded to himself in approval and then moved onward to stand just behind Jack.

Del Mar slowly knelt on one knee and his vertical right palm extended carefully forward to hover just above and between Jack’s knees. Fighting the urge to rush, del Mar moved his right hand slowly to the left to make contact with the tight denim skin of Twist’s inner left thigh. Like closely sizing up a prize stallion, his palm joyously explored the muscled firmness of it as his eyes closed to savor a fantasy that he thought would never come true.

The whole surface of his hand slowly explored upward and ever so gradually met Jack’s warm crotch just beneath his balls where all the seams of his jeans met. His palm remained there a moment longer caressing and then lovingly drifted back down just as slowly, eventually losing contact at his knee.

Ennis rose and whispered an impassioned, "Thanks," gave him a light kiss on the back of his left ear lobe and then silently rode off to tend the outskirts of their herd checking for strays and predators.

Neither spoke of it again.

Jack Be Nimble - Don't Be Quick!
The following day fresh pasture turned out to be on the side of a broad hill with no level place nearby to pitch their camp tent. They eventually found a flat spot amongst tall lodge poles at a stream that still looked at the herd across the way maybe a quarter mile over.

They were separate from the herd, but satisfied that it was close enough to hear alarm cries or the dogs barking out warnings.

Late the next morning, Ennis came up from the rocky cold stream naked from a swim to find Jack making breakfast.

It’d bothered Ennis that maybe his friend resented their unequal sexual partnership and long had tried to think of a way he could give of himself to show his appreciation. He’d been pondering the gift reluctantly for a long time and though hesitant, decided today was the day to find out what Jack found so pleasurable when they had sex.

As Twist eyed del Mar’s still-wet horseman's body hungrily, Ennis spread out a blanket on the ground near the fire and then gave him a seductive backward look as he lay spread eagle face down and waited. Then to Jack’s shock, Ennis imitated him that first night and kept his shoulders flat on the ground, arched his back and then raised his muscular cowboy ass up in the air in invitation.

Jack began breathing so hard he nearly fainted. He’d begged the fates for so long and finally they smiled on him!

Before he knew it, he too was naked.

Twist knelt down behind del Mar and was about to spit on his hand, then had a better idea - he’d apply it directly, after all Ennis had just come from washing in the stream.

As the sexy young horseman began to rise up on all fours, Jack gently laid his hand on his warm firm ass and pushed him back down to lay flat again.

Ennis gasped as Jack’s face made contact with his ass cheeks as if he were using them as a pillow, gently kissing one then the other, back and forth, taking his time ...reveling in his joy.

Ennis inhaled suddenly as Twist's finger touched his sensitive pucker and began running it up and down his ass crack briefly touching the hole.

With a deep sudden intake of stunned breath, he realized it wasn’t Jack’s finger… it was his tongue!

Twist thrilled as Ennis squirmed and moaned in forbidden pleasure raising his head to gasp loudly every time that tongue caressed his opening.

Several times the handsome ranch hand screamed out in agonized ecstasy and didn’t want the sensation to end.

Jack obliged, prolonging his foreplay as long as he could enjoying the pleasure it gave the blond fantasy before him, but wanting that ass so bad he could quite literally taste it.

With an amused smile the rodeo rider used the only phrase that seemed to fit the occasion.

Surveying his prize, Jack muttered, "Fuck this," and impatiently straddled Ennis before both could change their minds.

With a mighty groan, he pushed forward entering del Mar, taking his time, whispering and moaning tenderly in his conquest’s ear. It was like a warm tight halo of pleasure was rolling from Jack’s quivering cockhead eventually, gradually meeting his pubic hair as his hips met his lover's soft warm glorious muscular twenty-year-old ass cheeks.

Instinctively Ennis tightened muscles and forcefully gripped Jack's throbbing shaft, causing him to throw his head back and scream out "OHHHHHHH!" at the top of his lungs.

Ennis only exhaled once in the beginning through a tightly clenched throat as Jack moved forward to lower his full weight onto his man’s back.

Del Mar was determined to hide the intense internal pain of entry as Jack’s rock-hard cock slid in to the hilt again, but he seemed to relax as Twist slowed his strokes and they both found joy as he rubbed the lanky young cowpoke’s prostate from within with his impossibly long penis.

Ennis quickly got used to him being there and gave out with grunts and pleasure-filled moans.

The absolute thrill had Jack stoned out of his mind in ecstasy, throwing him into an immediate early gasping ejaculation.

Twist began crying bitterly because it was over too soon, no… NO!!! Oh too goddamned FUCKING soon, and he’d probably never not ever get another chance at this from this man beneath him.

Unaware, Ennis grew proud with accomplishment at the sensation of every warm squirt of cum, nearly orgasming himself while Jack's throbbing cock gushed and pulsed inside him.

As Jack was about to withdraw in sorrow of it ending, Ennis tenderly pleaded him to keep going and was temporarily mystified as his lover withdrew anyway.

NO… it can’t end this way damn it; I won’t let it!

Suddenly Twist grabbed del Mar’s legs and playfully flipped him roughly onto his back.

Ennis’ ankles went up onto Twist’s shoulders and he was quickly but painlessly entered again. Pushing forward, Jack began slow thrusts in and out nearly crying from ecstasy in and out and folded Ennis in half, pinning his knees back against his own shoulders, in and out craning his neck to hold their lips together in a fiery kiss.

Their mouths separated and each peered into the other’s soul. Tears from Jack’s determined eyes fell directly into Ennis’ and mingled there while both breathed mightily.

Now that it no longer hurt and started feeling damned good, Ennis realized and then growled through gritted teeth the words Jack needed bad to hear, “Ride me rodeo boy, ride this buckin’ bronco hard!”

Jack sped up his strokes for a long time, now really slamming them into him, watching in lustful greed as a glazed look came over Ennis, who had begun jacking himself and groaning with his eyes rolled back in his head. When Twist sensed they were too close to cumming, he slowed down considerably and pushed del Mar’s masturbating hand away from the horseman’s quivering on-the-verge cock.

Jack gasped in awe as Ennis cried out in protest, “Awwww no!” and began gyrating his hips, still in need of being fucked hard after experiencing such an intense sexual desperation.

Ennis was heaving huge breaths of air like a run-out racehorse. His hands greedily went to Jack’s torso, exploring, clutching, caressing with his eyes tightly closed, grasping at straws to understand but failing… and didn’t care… he still wanted more!

What Jack wanted was to try something he’d only imagined yesterday, but never dared think he’d ever get the chance at.

If there’s one thing a rodeo broncobuster/bullrider has to be, it’s limber. Without withdrawing he arched his determined back and strained down to kiss Ennis’ right nipple, then began working his way down further and tongued del Mar’s magnificent abs and with a groan of determination tongued the head of Ennis’ cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmy Gahhhhhhhd," Ennis moaned in disbelief as his rugged body writhed, wriggled and shuddered in reaction. Sensing where this might be leading, his palms found the back of Twist’s head and pushed gently trying to help, but careful not to hurt him.

As Jack’s back relaxed even more, he only partially withdrew his cock from where it was buried up that warm tight ass and his single-minded encircling lips swallowed Ennis’ pulsating seven-inch rod down to its root, then held it until he began gagging. As he pulled back his head, his still imbedded cock penetrated his lover again to the hilt.

He quickly picked up a seesawing rhythm swallowing then fucking, swallowing then fucking, never letting Ennis' warm hard shaft leave his lips as he kept stroking in and out of del Mar's tight spasming butt.

Ennis began thrashing around with his arms, moaning and screaming in tongues for all he was worth and somehow after holding back as long as he could, Jack filled his ass yet again to overflowing as Ennis flooded Twist’s mouth with repeated gushes of cum from being simultaneously fucked and sucked at the same time.

Jack fell atop his new worship for a long time, gasping for air, tenderly kissing and stroking, Ennis tasting his own sperm on Jack’s lips as his forearms encircled Twist's muscular back and squeezed in total utter rapture.

They were naked to God’s eyes and didn’t care, knowing he loved them too.

All around them the wind hissed as it swept fragrantly through the tall pines, somewhere a crow cawed out over the broad rushing/roaring stream, and the bright loving sun warmed their love, signaling that all was finally right with the world for both men for a change.

About fifty yards away amongst the lodge poles within the edge of the forest, Joe Aguirre sat astride his horse, watching them through morally disgusted Christian eyes glued to his 10 x 42 binoculars...

Here I Am
To the smell of burning eggs and sausage, Jack jumped up and tended to the skillet while Ennis took another bath at the brook.

They sat at the fire naked eating breakfast in a relaxed state of bliss.

When they finished and Jack had gathered the pans to wash, he noticed a far away smile on Ennis' face.

Del Mar told him about a time long ago when his dad brought home a new car and started chasing his mother around the yard yelling "0-1-2-3-KISS ME WOMAN!" and how he hoped one day he could find a girl like his mother to settle down with and raise a family.

Jack had begun dressing while in the process of handing Ennis his clothes. He stopped what he was doing and suddenly looked intensely crestfallen.

Ennis knew without a doubt that it was his thoughtless fault.

Fortunately the rancher knew how to make his friend laugh. Giggling he playfully tackled Twist, who then grabbed Ennis’ white plaid shirt back away from him and started yelling, "0-1-2-3-KISS ME WOMAN!"
while del Mar gleefully chased after him around the campfire grasping for it.

Aguirre watched for another ten minutes, waiting while they buttoned up their jeans and shirts and then parted with a passionate kiss.

Only after Ennis went back to tend the sheep did the supervisor come riding up slowly to the camp.

Jack, who had his back to Joe’s approach, was busy splitting firewood.

Aguirre’d decided on the spot to fire the both of them fags.

Twist had just put another piece up to split and heard the foreman’s mount sputter behind him.

The sight of their boss on horseback instantly washed away the warm smile Jack flashed intended for Ennis. He swung around startled and knocked the wood that he was about to swing at off of the stump with his axe handle as the foreman just sat and stared judgmentally from above.

After what he’d just seen, looking at the young man below him was like trying to stare at vomit on the ground.

In revulsion, Aguirre looked everywhere but into Jack’s eyes. Two things changed his decision immediately; the freshly sharpened and lethal looking axe in Twist’s hand and the thought of losing a thousand sheep because these two queers ran them off in revenge before he could get someone else up here to look after them.

The old man was wise enough to know that quick decisions were never good ones. He’d have to bide his time and wait for another reason to bring them down early.

It took Aguirre a moment to clear his mind of the overwhelming hate he felt and remember why he’d come up here in the first place.

"Twist," he said finally, still averting his gaze. "Yer Uncle Harold’s in the hospital with pneumonia; the docs don’t expect he’ll make it. Yer ma sent me to tell ya, so… here I am."

"Bad news," answered Jack, nervously looking up at him as Aguirre pulled out a potent pair of binoculars and scanned the hillsides. Twist, trying to recapture the foreman’s attention added, "There ain’t nothing I can do about it up here I guess."

"There’s not much you can do about it down there neither," replied Aguirre while watching Ennis tending the herd only a few hundred yards away from camp instead of a couple of miles like he told them to. He added, "…not unless you can cure pneumonia."

Jack turned to follow Aguirre's gaze up the hillside, knew they’d been caught switching places against his orders and nervously nodded.

This was trouble.

He turned back to find Aguirre’s expression was as much anger as it was of loathing as he lowered his glasses and downwardly gave Jack a sickened look that nearly froze his blood.

Leaving Twist with no hint of what he was thinking, the foreman turned tail to ride slowly away without another word.

Had he seen them?
How long had he been there?

Maybe he hadn’t, after all they hadn’t been fired on the spot. He didn’t even mention them switching jobs against orders or breaking Forest Service rules by having a fire going this far up...
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