The Births, Lives, Times, Secrets and Deaths of Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist

Brokeback Mountain The Complete Novel 1943-2006 IX

Chapter 9 ~ Ain’t No Way To Run A Rodeo

First Aid
Twist found himself lying naked in the middle of the floor face up atop a big white bath towel; another was bundled up like a pillow under the back of his aching head. Just above his brow looming straight up was the front of boss-man’s desk like looking up a canyon wall. His feet pointed towards the outer exit. In agony, he couldn’t see out of his swollen left eye and his chin hurt like hell.

He seemed to be alone in the room as he ran his tongue around the inside of his mouth, taking inventory of his teeth. They felt like they didn't fit together right in his jaw.

When he turned his sore neck to the right, his good eye revealed Big Jim over in the locker room still naked with dripping hair plastered to his head drying his magnificent body.

After Bossman finished, he put the towel down on the bench and just sat there bent forward forearms on thighs, staring at him with concern through the connecting office door. He seemed so deep in thought that he didn’t appear aware that Twist had come to.

Johnny’s face felt like a railroad spike had been driven into his left cheek with a sledgehammer and his back felt broken, though it’d only been bruised.

The room suddenly brightened and then dimmed as Mary entered and moved quickly over to her husband and handed him something. A moment later her face appeared directly over Twist’s. Her expression held anger verging on violence.

In a harsh low whisper, she spat out through a clenched jaw, "If'n it was up ta me, you’d be stretched half-dead in a hospital like Joey. If Jim hadn’t dragged Pete offa ya when he done; ya WOULD be."

She went on to describe how her "big dangerous husband" sent Hutchison on his way to his 7PM appointment, arranged a couple of soft layers of towels on the floor, and then picked Johnny up deadweight and unconscious to gently lay him down on the improvised bed. He tended his bleeding nose and then sent for Mary for first aid.

Without another word, she got up and stormed out, slamming the door behind herself.

Gentle little Peter did this?

Twist started coughing blood that was running down his sinuses. His nose hurt like hell but didn’t appear to be broken.

Old wood creaked in protest as Bossman crossed the floor with another armload of towels. The only other sound was the big fan moving air around the stifling hot room. Layering another soft makeshift terry cloth mattress to the right of the stricken ranch hand, Jim gently rolled him onto his stomach atop the fresh linen. Gingerly lifting Johnny’s head, he placed crushed ice from the snow cone machine wrapped in a wet dishtowel under his swollen face. That must’ve been what Mary had brought with her,

The big man smelled pleasantly of Ivory soap.

The cold rag soothed the pain and he sighed in a relief that didn’t last long.

Muscled hands lifted and separated his ankles by about two feet, and then knees came down from behind on the floor between his.

The strong smell of ointment or lubricant filled the air. He’d heard in church of evil men like this one and what they did to helpless victims; which is what he was now.

Twist fought off panic, knowing that he was about to be punished for his disrespectful words.

Too sore to move and his jaw swollen nearly shut against screaming for help, he was about to be raped with no way to ward off this giant pervert who had the power to do what he wanted with him. As he braced himself to be penetrated from behind, he began fighting back frustrated tears at being so vulnerable for the first time in his young life.

The outer skin of Bossman’s knees made warm contact with the surface of Twist’s inner thighs as if to keep his legs spread and his ass open.

He’d heard somewhere that southern boys called it "corn holing," because they’d use shucked corncobs to wipe their asses with after taking a shit in the fields. The cob would slip in a ways and it was said that it felt so good when the thing touched their prostates from within that them boys actually liked getting fucked by other boys… or with dildos by their girlfriends as foreplay.

His overriding thought was that his most precious possession - his manhood - was about to be torn from him.

The big naked show owner behind him rubbed his hands together and leaned forward to gently began kneading the young man’s shoulders with both hands, carefully using his thumbs at the same time to relax the injured and hurting spine beneath his experienced fingertips. After a minute or so, Jim’s expert palms gradually slid lower down his spinal column and sides, soothingly easing tightness and pain, concentrating on the small of his back between his hips.

If John wasn't convinced that he was about to be fucked, he'd be groaning in pleasure, but wanted to do nothing to encourage the man atop him. A hand caressed his left ass cheek and lingered there in surprise as the ranch hand began choking out heaving gasps of fear like a girl about to have her virginity unwillingly taken from her.

Bossman’s oddly concerned voice asked, "What’s ailin’ ya Johnny… that hurts?"

Twist started weakly struggling and in a high voice full of panic coughed out, "Just do it… do it quick ‘n let me be."

The hand slowly extended a slippery finger downward between firm work-hardened butt cheeks to tease Johnny’s sensitive opening and then followed the ridge down leading to his ball sack. Sliding his slick digit back up, he pressed it against the young rancher’s pucker enough to make his point, but not penetrate. "This?" he asked.

Shivers of irresistible unstoppable pleasure painfully ran chills up his injured spine. He silently gave three sharp nods, "I cain’t stop ya, jest kill me after so’s I don’t have to live with it."

With a grunt of frustration, the glorious blond muscleman on hands and knees rolled out from his position over the young rancher and onto his back atop the other pile of towels beside him where Twist once laid.

"Ah Christ!" Jim huffed out in a irritated sigh and muttered to the ceiling, "I don’t fuck men less'n I know they’re gonna enjoy ‘n want it. I gotta good ‘n understandin’ wife that never denies me her pussy fer that; so why ya reckon I’d wanna fuck you, ya damned fool idiot?"

Just then the door opened and a much calmer Mary walked in. Bossman abruptly sat up and reached forward for the bandages and supplies she carried. If she were the least bit surprised, annoyed or jealous at seeing her naked husband on the floor with another nude and attractive young man, she didn’t show it. Her man’s cock wasn’t hard in excitement, and even if it were she wouldn’t have objected.

John noticed there was no flash of light; it must be dark outside now and wondered how long he’d been unconscious.

He cried out in agony as they struggled to roll Twist over and then up to a painful seated position with his back against the front of the old desk and his legs out straight.

Johnny modestly hid his crotch from her with cupped hands.

Mary gleefully raised her head up and loudly laughed out, "A mite late for that; ain’t it?"

Her giggling was infectious and instantly all three were chuckling to themselves.

Boss man planted his feet on either side of Johnny’s hips and leaned forward across the desk to retrieve a pair of scissors from a drawer. In the process the big man’s massive, even while soft, cock brushed Twist’s nose causing him to flinch, but he bravely made no move or objection to avoid it.

Without backing away, Jim twisted his torso towards his wife behind him and remarked, "He was pert near in tears, Mary; he thought I was gonna force-fuck him layin’ down there," then he turned back to cut a long length of fabric on the desk.

When he finished, he picked up the cloth gauze, still intimately close to the young man’s face, then wrapped it around and around the young farmhand’s head to hold the dripping iced dishcloth to his swollen eye.

Only then did he back off to study his work while Mary secured the desk cash to keep it from blowing away after she’d carefully pointed the fan down at the naked men on the floor.

She huffed, "If’n ya had a'fucked him; he’d a damn well deserved it,"

She finally decided to relieve herself from the heat too and pulled off her cowgirl shirt, revealing the biggest and most appealing pair of perfect bare breasts that the young farmhand had ever seen.

His hands redoubled his efforts to hide a growing hard-on, as much from the sight or her tits, as he tried to deny to himself that it was from the cock that had been in his face.

Pieces Of A Strange Puzzle
They both settled down in front of him with crossed legs and patiently answered all questions good-naturedly and honestly. Jim eventually resettled himself to intimately shoulder-to-shoulder with Johnny in front of the desk.

Though he fought it, he couldn’t stop his eyes from studying her chest, nor from admiring the man’s magnificent body beside him as they sat there skin-to-skin pressed against Twist's left arm, hip and thigh.

Twist discovered to his own humiliation that he’d been dead wrong about nearly everything he thought he knew about them.

They put him on the floor earlier, not to be raped, but because it was cooler down there than up on a chair and easier to tend to his injuries laying flat.

~ How did Bossman get involved in all of this?
Jim started out as a carnival sideshow strong man in his late teens because of his unusual light gray eyes and his hereditary disposition to immense muscles. That’s where he met and fell in love with Mary. In every town, people began almost immediately approaching him to give naked private shows. Mostly he stood unclothed in a stranger’s bedroom or parlor for a sexless hour while urgent hands and lips intimately worshiped every part of him while they masturbated.

Sometimes artists did sketches or paintings of him.

A photographer once paid $400 to take pictures of Jim in different poses having simulated sex with the man’s own teenaged son, which ended with the boy going down orally on Bossman and being fucked for real. The hundreds of prints of those unique one-of-a-kind negatives (for the time,) sold in out-of-the-way big city shops and back rooms for a small fortune.

During the Great Depression, when a cup of coffee and a bowl of soup could be bought for one thin dime, he was accepting between 5 and $10 for an hour of simply standing there naked like a living statue. At a young age Jim learned that like whiskey during The Prohibition, people were always willing to pay a high price for what was hard or embarrassing to ask for openly. After he told Mary, she not only approved of his way of surviving tough financial times, but also accepted his marriage proposal.

She even taught him how to give his first blowjob properly.

They stayed with the traveling carnival because it brought sexual customers to him without having to seek them out, and eventually she began taking them on too. That was before the fair began seriously losing money. All around them banks started failing, people went broke, families stood on bread lines, and businesses went belly up because of the stock market crash, but Jimbo put food on the table and supported his pretty new wife, even managing to hide away a lot of money in the process.

After the traveling cavalcade closed, they drifted around until one day they visited a rodeo in Utah. Lightning ideas struck that day on how to make it a success if they bought it. Give customers what other greedy and prude owners hadn’t even thought to provide poor farmers and their families with… value.

These struggling people who had barely a dollar to call their own could spend it at the admission gate and concession stands for a badly needed day of fun for two adults and up to five kids. Other shows cost nearly twice as much and gave their patrons half of what they got from Big Jim.

Bossman’s rodeo became known far and wide for giving the best shows, the prettiest concession girls and the biggest rodeo prizes.

The local folk without knowing why seemed to flock to the shows for the human scenery in the stands too, not knowing that the pleasing eye-candy actually were young athletic cowboys and sexy women who had been employed specifically to sit strategically just about everywhere they looked.

As word got around that fantastic looking people seemed to flock to this particular rodeo, horny teenaged kids, anxious to see big titted women or masculine bare-chested men that no other show had, dragged their parents along when the Bossman’s came to town, virtually guaranteeing attendance-record-setting crowds daily and huge earnings from every booking.

Then there was the rigged set of rodeo competitions that encouraged local boys and men to enter and win bronco busting and bullriding events. Unbeknownst to them, native sons always went first so the "pros" knew what times not to beat, guaranteeing that the townsfolk won three out every five cash prizes that were bigger and more generous than any other traveling show.

Concession stand prices for food and drink were about half what other shows charged. Bossman made deals with local grocers. For big discounts on groceries, they got free advertisements at the concession stands. It was a win-win situation for everyone. Where other rodeos were spurned for tiny prizes, nearly every state in the northwest pleaded with the Big Bossman’s Show to visit their towns to distract its citizens from the tough times everyone faced.

To accomplish this, virtually all of the gate and concession money went to payroll, prizes, traveling and equipment; so how did this rodeo thrive? The massive profits came from behind the scenes with clandestine paid-for sexual services of nearly every description while they were in town. The more unusual the sex act, the bigger the earnings.

At first John was morally appalled at what they were telling him. Eventually though, he had to admit that in these times it was the only sure way to make money.

~ So Jim was queer?
No he’d out of necessity with his wife’s help and loving approval, learned how to pleasure men and women equally in order to make a living in rough circumstances. He was more or less forced to concentrate on sex with guys because in those times women couldn’t - or weren’t allowed to earn a decent wage, but men could… and did. Once it was whispered about in secret corners, certain gentlemen without families to support came in droves for something they dared not seek anywhere else without being jailed, lynched or beaten to death.

Homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, orgies, 3-ways and more; they only drew the line at animals, all else was fair game. The more versatile an employee was willing to be the higher they were paid. Because of his looks, Jim nearly made enough single-handedly to support the show in every town they went to. If the customer wanted both Jim and Mary at the same time, it was triple, and that request came often.

~ What about that queer man in the stands who offered Peter $60 for a "horse"?
Mr. Friedl, a local farmer, was too ashamed to admit that he’d lost his testicles in WWI after the soldier patrolling next to him stepped on a landmine. He hired Pete to get his wife pregnant - not fuck him, only because of the young bullrider’s incredible physical resemblance to him.

Nine months later they were presented with a fine healthy boy that looked so much like Mr. Friedl, no one could possibly doubt it wasn’t his own. They instantly fell in love with Pete. Last month they’d pleaded with Hutchison for a 2nd child that would be a full-blooded brother or sister and that was the appointment the handsome blond youth was keeping tonight.

~ Pete was trying to turn Johnny queer?
Hutch had traveled with the show since he’d run away at fourteen after realizing that he was a true bisexual. Last year he finally made up with his folks, who it turns out knew about him all along and accepted him, and he’s been sending money home to them ever since. As he grew to know every aspect of the business, he was given more responsibility and eventually more authority too. Though he expected to settle down with a girl some day, without a home, he was lonely for a non-carnival friend and immediately shined to Twist as a potential confidant and companion.

Pete was being groomed to take over the whole rodeo in five or ten years when Jim and Mary retired or decided to sell when the economy picked up.

Shame smothered Twist for what he’d judgmentally said to his new friend and he looked crestfallen. How could he face Pete tomorrow?

Jim intimately threw an arm over the young man’s shoulders to comfort him. The fact that they were two naked men didn’t seem to matter anymore.

~ There has to be more than eight rider/athletes that work for you?
The numerous men who aren’t part of the "private" shower/arena stands show change and wash off in a converted semi-trailer out back; That must be the one he’d seen earlier that had water running out of it.

~ Where does everyone sleep while on the road?
Because of how good the show is and the reputation they’ve built up, most of the time folks volunteer their homes free before even being asked just for local bragging rights to "this star athlete slept here!" Despite that, Jim generously gives out complimentary show passes good for entire families with concession stand food included in exchange for farmers housing his folks when they’re in town. By giving more to the local economy than what’s taken, he improves his reputation even more - it’s just good business.

~ Who were the two men in the locker room?
Local queers that got their kicks looking at naked athletes and were willing to pay Bossman big money for the privilege. At the end of every competition two or three at a time paid to watch the men they’d just seen compete shower with each other; usually they’d later book an appointment with one that caught their eye, earning the Bossmans double from one customer.

Mary sternly added that that was all it was… a show. Hutch wasn’t really being fucked nor were the other men having oral sex - it was just a damned convincing act that made the rodeo a lot of side-money wherever it went. They liked John Twist’s sexy corn-fed farmboy body, and figured he’d attract a new type clientele. Pete loved his looks and thought he might be a money-earning success on the shower show team if he knew he actually only had to act like he was joining in, but not really doing anything.

This news only added more shame for what Twist had said to Hutchison.

~ Did they really have to pay off the local sheriff wherever they went?
Jim burst out laughing. The money was for off-duty deputies to watch the cash registers for thieves, robbers, and pickpockets in the crowds during the show.

~ What happened to Joey-Paul?
Big Jim’s enormous shoulder broke contact with Twist’s as he leaned forward and wiped his face with his palms and groaned. The boy had only been hired last week and Mary’d caught Joey stealing money from the cash register at one of the main gates. The teenager was hauled back to the office by the two security men to face the owner.

Joey brazenly called Mary a whore, a bitch and a liar to Jim’s face and it took five minutes for both door guards to drag their boss off him… that’s when Pete and Hutch walked in, which explained Bossman’s gruff attitude at the time. After they retreated to the locker room, Joey refused to admit his guilt or apologize for what he said about Mary.

The boy begged for his life while Bossman angrily grabbed him by the neck, dug the missing money out of his jeans, bounced him off a wall and then slapped him so hard that he knocked the guy unconscious.

Jim wasn’t proud of what he did and showed it in his pained and worried face.

Mary got up, grabbed her shirt, and left the office. For the moment that the door was briefly open, the sound of crickets chirping was drowned out by diesel engines revving up and trucks pulling away. The smell of exhaust smoke invaded the room.

The show had packed up and was leaving town, and suddenly Twist was very sad he'd blown his chance to go with them…

Jim urged him down and back onto his stomach and resumed the soothing massage that he’d started, causing his now-calm patient to repeatedly groan in unguarded pleasure.

Mary reentered carrying more towels, a couple of cold bottles of beer and two blankets, kissed the boss goodnight and left. She knew her husband would spend the night here with Johnny instead of with her in their portable house trailer, and was unconcerned with whether Jim might eventually have sex with him in order to calm the young man down.

She was secure in her man’s love… and he in hers.

After about half an hour of deep-tissue massage, Jim rolled John over on his back to reveal a raging hard-on. The boss smiled at it; the usual reaction to that type of rubdown… it meant that Johnny was feeling better.

He got up, strolled into the locker room and shut off the lights. Returning, he tipped the lampshade on the desk so that the bulb shown down on Twist, then carefully removed the wrapping and melted ice pack from his head. Both he and Mary had a lot of previous experience treating bull and horse induced injuries.

Nodding satisfaction that the eye would heal normally, he moved behind his desk and got the bottle opener. Snapping off the top of a still-cold beer, he handed it to Twist. "Hold that up to yer eye, or drink it; yer choice."

Johnny moved to the leather chair and did both.

The boss man tilted the shade back and began rolling coins and bundling bills, occasionally glancing at the calendar or jotting something in his ledger between sips of his own beer.

Lost & Found In the Dark
In due course the desk clock read 9 PM; they’d have to get an early start for Cheyenne at first light.

Jim put down the pencil and reached for something in the pile Mary’d brought in. From a tiny bottle in the medical supplies, he poured a clear green gel-like fluid out onto his index fingertip. He walked over with the container to stand in front of Twist and carefully applied generous amounts of aloe to his patient’s skin around his eye, causing him to flinch.

It was still very tender but the swelling was going down, a good sign.

He layered the two thick blankets down on top of the towels and they jointly decided that in the heat, they’d sleep on top of them.

The big man flexed his muscles while walking over to the door, turned the fan switch from medium to high and helped the young rancher to lay down on the floor and get comfortable on his right side facing the locker room. Jim switched off the desk lamp, laid down face up to the right of him with his palms tucked under his head, and pondered the logistics of tomorrow’s travel plans.

Cheyenne was one hell of a drive south and it'd probably take three days to get there. He'd considered shipping the whole show by rail, but decided against it. As a child he’d witnessed a horrendous train wreck and from that day on he never trusted them. Besides, on a road trip of that length and duration it'd be a good way to get to know Johnny Twist's character and whether he was right about the trustworthiness of the young man dozing off beside him.

Since Hutch would be with them, he could observe how they interacted too and intentionally planned to have the two young men bed together in hotels along the way.

Laying there in the dark, he remembered spotting Twist on the street, considering whether Pete would take to him... and fall in love. Johnny had the physical build and hair that always seemed to catch the kid's eye, that's why Bossman picked him out of the crowd in the first place. That's also why Big Jim pointed Hutch towards the exact section of the stands where he'd spotted Twist sitting earlier. He chuckled at that; usually Mary was the matchmaker who believed in fate and luck.

Though they all would deny it, any heterosexual man can be turned to have sex with another man given the right motivation, he knew that first hand and was now an expert at the process, but loving was another matter and Petey had been so deeply lonely for a close companion for so long. If the young newlywed rancher was that eager to leave his wife and was that so obviously miserable at home, he and Peter could... well enough of that.

He also thought of Mary sleeping by herself in the trailer and considered leaving John alone here after he fell asleep to go to her loving arms…

In Twist’s sleep, Martha’s firm full breasts came to him, wanting, enticing. He’d rolled over on his left side and his arm brushed across her waist as he fondled those fantasy tits so warm and firm. He maneuvered his right leg forward on top of her left and nuzzled his steel hard cock along her ass crack aiming for her cunt. His hand reluctantly left those little nipples to wander sensuously down her belly and encountered her huge cock drooling with precum.

The young man jumped away in panic, landing on his ass, dizzy and lost. In the dark of an unfamiliar windowless room, he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face. The office held only the sound of the humming fan moving air towards where he once laid sleeping alongside…

…Oh God!

He’d never find his clothes in the dark before the muscled behemoth angrily tore him limb from limb! What direction was the door?

A sleepy male voice asked in concern, "John; you alright?"

The upper left side of his face was a solid ball of agony. Trying to think through his fear, he replied despite his aching jaw, "I uh, I gotta take a piss."

"Here, I’ll turn on the light fer you."

"NO! …no. I’ll find it… uh much obliged." The last thing Twist needed was for Jim to see the raging erection he sported that stubbornly wouldn’t go down.

Managing somehow not to smack into the wall before finding the open locker room door with blind fingertips, John felt for and found the wall switch and stood pissing, trying to slow the pounding in his chest.

Bossman got up, circled the desk, switched on the light, and pulled a bottle of aspirin out of Mary’s supplies. The sound of a toilet flushing and sink water running came through the open door. Jim liked the Lightning Flat stadium. A lot of venues still had outhouses and many didn’t even have running water.

The locker room lights snapped off and Twist appeared at the door. Both of his hands were meekly cupped over his crotch to hide the fact he’d only softened about halfway.

Seeing the young man’s hilariously silly misplaced shame, the muscled hunk at the desk planted his right elbow on its surface, rested his forehead on his palm, and then used the rest of his huge right hand to hide his eyes. As Twist’s face turned beet red, he watched Bossman’s shoulders began shaking as the man fought to keep from laughing out loud and embarrassing his poor guest.

It was infectious and for a moment Johnny wore a huge grin, but clamped his lips together trying to relax his face, then gritted his teeth desperately trying to fight it and barely asked defiantly, "Wah… what’s su-ho d'hamned fu-hunny?" and then snorted out a giggle through his nose.

Jim tilted backwards away from his desk, threw his head back, and bellowed out a near-deafening cackle and then, "Ah HA HA HA… HA HA HA!" with tears streaming down his face.

He looked over at Johnny and instantly bolted uptight out of his seat.

Twist must’ve ruptured a barely healed blood vessel in his nose when he began laughing and was now tightly bent over on his knees clutching his head in agony and moaning. Blood dripped from his left nostril. The strongman lifted him up off the floor effortlessly and placed him back on their blankets. He reached under them to yank out a fluffy towel and told John to keep hard pressure on his nose to stem the flow.

After a minute or so Jim reached up to retrieve the two aspirins, handed them to the young man, and offered what was left of his warm beer. There was just enough left to wash them down with one swallow, but they stayed down. With an intense worried expression, the big man studied John’s face and was relieved to see that the swelling hadn’t come back, in fact his eye was partially open - bloodshot, but open. He got the little bottle again and with gentle fingertips daubed more aloe on the surrounding skin.

The desk clock read 1:25 AM. Tomorrow would be hell without sleep.

He eased Twist back down onto his back atop the blankets, shut off the desk lamp and resumed his place to Johnny’s left.

After a few minutes a timid young farmer’s voice said softly, "I’m… uh, …I’m sorry sir."

Big Jim Bossman stopped staring at the invisible ceiling, rolled onto his side to face his guest, propped his head on his right elbow and palm, and replied in an insulted voice. "Sir? …SIR? Ya felt my chest up 'n played with my nipples like ya was molesting a easy schoolgirl after the prom. Ya grabbed my dick 'n played with it, 'n whilst doin' that started dry-humping my ass; all the while callin' me ‘Martha’ at the same time ya was passionately kissing my back, 'n now all I am to you is 'Sir’?"

Despite the pain it caused, Twist couldn’t help but sprout a huge grin in the dark and urgently pleaded, "Oh please don’t make me laugh again…" and was cut off as lips from above clamped down on his in a full-blown, fireworks inducing kiss that instantly halted his mirth.

Caught completely off guard, Twist couldn’t think and didn’t try. His head still ached and his back still hurt something awful, but going on instinct he clamped his hands around the man’s head, pulled down and then returned the kiss with more passion than he ever knew he had.

Bossman lifted his mouth away in the dark. "Yer hired."

Johnny reached up for and grasped the huge mounded shoulder of his new friend. His hands wanted and dared to explore like a buyer feeling the taut musculature of a stallion for sale. Unopposed his passion shaking palm and fingers caressed every enormous bulge of the hard corded chest, thrilling at the feel of it writhing beneath his touch.

The young man's hand drifted south resting within the deeply creased abdomen as it rose and fell with each of the man’s breaths. It felt as if he had six overly-full leather wallets in two columns grouped three to a side resting just under the skin covering his stomach. Within the deep valley between them he encountered a sexy "outie" bellybutton.

Through hard and endless farm work John sported damned good abs himself; but these under his quivering touch were what most men only dreamed of having.

All guys looked at other men comparing them to themselves, but they would never dare to reach out and touch, to caress another male’s texture, to feel the masculine power of such a man as this one was. He relished the unheard of and forbidden privilege. This man was not a limp-wristed fairy "queer" in the sense that he’d been taught the word and he was dumfounded to think of one that fit. Fearing he’d never get the chance again, he leaned forward and kissed the huge left pectoral before him, feeling it harden as he swirled his tongue around its salty nipple.

Twist removed his hand and mouth with a gasped shuddering sigh and murmured an awestruck, "Thanks." Lying back, his mind still was filled with confusion.

Boss’ voice replied, "Many, many men… 'n women, have shelled out a lotta money to do what you just did boy… But yer the first time in a lonnnnng time that I surely enjoyed it."

A lengthy silence followed.

Jim finally asked, "Got any kids?"

John sighed out equal parts sadness and frustration, "We been tryin’." Then he added thoughtfully with regret, "My folks ‘r puttin’ so much pressure on us to have ‘em that it kills the passion."

Bossman nodded understanding in the dark, then asked, "I reckon yer gonna be gone long stretches at a time away from her… weeks; ya sure ya wanta join up with us?"

Every corner of the room filled with the noxious resentment of the responsibility that he felt he didn’t deserve as he replied, "If I don’t find a good payin’ steady job, the fuckin’ bank will take my daddy’s spread away. It’s been well nigh seventy-five years in our family. If I gotta become some damned… fer want of a better word for it, "Nancy-boy whore" to do it, I reckon that’s the trace that God’s steerin’ my life on... whatever the reason."

He instantly realized what he’d indirectly called Jim and apologized. The young rancher's ego was just beginning to panic at the thought of what he'd just done with another man without thinking first... almost as if it'd come naturally to him.

No... NO!

Calm down Johnny, calm down... what... what's he saying ...what did he just say?

Bossman had nodded in the dark and replied, "Yer gonna be makin' a lot of money friend. You'll mostly be part of a stud service fer lonely women willin' to spend their last dime; some er most'll want ta git pregnant; sorta like what Pete's doin' right about now fer a couple that cain't have kids."

The Boss drew a worried breath and continued, "Yeah, 'n there's a load of lonely queers who'd pay a year's salary ta git a young corn-fed stud like you into their bed too." Bossman shook his head in the gloomy room in astonishment. "God! Until this started they was invisible to me a'cause they act and look just like anybody else, but now it's like ya cain't swing a cat without hittin a homosexual. Like it er not friend, that's where the real money comes from a'cause women cain't earn it the way homo men do... these days a man with no family to support sports the most disposable cash... even in these times... that's just the way of the world, boy."

Drawing in a considered breath he added, "This show cain't make it on just popcorn, peanuts, nor bull 'n bronco ridin'. We sell what people cain't get nowheres else - 'specially from yer competition 'n that's that. ...when this damned 'Depression' is done tearin' the country apart we can go back to bein' a honest ta God show, but that ain't likely anytime soon."

The air became heavy with Twist's moral bewilderment. He decided not to confess that despite how so many many times he fucked her to shattering orgasms on both their parts... he'd failed at getting his wife pregnant.

He'd already nearly blurted it out once.

They both could feel his disappointment and growing confusion like an animal in the room.

Lock, Stock, & Barrel
An uncomfortable silence followed for a while and then the boss’ gentle palm came to rest on the twenty-year-old rancher’s defined abs. "John, yer gonna have to do somethin’ important fer me directly."

Twist remembered how much he wanted to touch this man only moments ago and how wrong the devil's temptation was. He told himself, "I cain't do this-I just cain't. I'll burn in hell for sure. I can't let a man touch me like this!" The young man fought down the sexual implications of what was just requested.

In a worried tone Jim asked, "Johnny?"

Realizing he had to say something for fear his huge host might suspect he was being ignored, "Yes sir? …uh Jim."

The warm hand explored his decent pecs, broad shoulders and then drifted down to carefully cup Twist’s warm balls. "I got yer full attention now; do I?"

Near terror set in at the painful damage that that strong fist could do.

John quickly gasped out, "Ya do, oh yes sir… lock, stock and barrel."

Jim said in a serious tone, "Afore I can hire you…" followed by a long pause for maximum effect. Gentle fingers began rolling the balls they grasped as he continued, "Yer gonna have to find a way to make up with Pete. Now he’s like my right hand and I cain’t stand fer no infightin’ in the ranks. He’s jest as much ta blame fer what he done to ya, but you did egg him on into losin’ his temper."

Incredible relief filled him that this man wasn't asking him what he'd expected.

He exhaled a grateful promise, "I’ll surely try, the best way I know how."

The intimacy of another man massaging his testicles got his cock so hard, Twist feared that if it was pulled at the wrong way it’d snap clean off. In a worried tone he asked hesitantly, "Am… am I really gonna have to take another man’s dick in my mouth?"

The caressing palm moved to slowly stroke Johnny’s drooling uncut shaft and it quivered under the sensation.

"Pete handles that decision 'n schedules all the men’s appointments and what they do 'n get paid," Jim replied. "Mostly in the beginnin' customers like that, just wanna look at ya er worship yer body with the palms of their hands. That usually leads to suckin' on ya hopin' you'll cum in their mouths while they jack off.

I hear tell five of his seven men return the favor for double cash ‘n two don’t. Don't be fooled son; them queers come in all shapes 'n sizes... Fer the most part, big strapping men built like farm tractors are more afraid of word gettin' out about 'em so they, to a man, behave themselves. That 'n they're warned if they don't follow the rules, they'll never get another... uh appointment next time we're in town.

Pete's the most versatile 'n teaches our straight married guys like you. He stands in fer 'em if’n his boys cain’t manage something …unusual."

Twist asked hesitantly, "Like takin’ it up ...up the uh?" and suffered a shudder that tortured his injured back at the very thought of it.

With Jim's other hand, he wet his index finger in his mouth and played it against Johnny’s pucker. "Like takin’ it up the ass," then removed it.

By this time Twist was shivering in passion, his foreskin had retracted all the way back and the sensitive head was drooling fluid onto his stomach.

The boss dipped some of the slick ball juice from John’s belly and lubricated his finger with it, then inserted it up to the hilt in the young man’s virgin ass, wiggling it against the walnut shaped prostate.

Johnny screamed in unexpected joy. The other masterful hand gripped slightly tighter and stroked up and down a fraction faster. Each time Twist felt on the verge of exploding Jim would expertly back off, leaving him desperately gasping for air.

Once again every Christian God-fearing moral fiber in his body said he should pull away from this sinful forbidden pleasure at the perverted hands of another man, and again the building male testosterone-fed need to cum overrode rational thought.

The big man said, "Like I told ya, you will have to let a man suck on ya though, even if ya don’t return the favor, 'n you’ll have to enjoy it. Tain’t like a girl who is good at fakin’ it. Yer customer can see if yer cock’s not hard, ‘n if’n it ain’t ya don’t get paid… Think ya can let another guy do that?"

Waves of horny forbidden passion kept washing over him as he gasped out, "Yes… anything… anything."

One massaging finger inside of him became two, then three, as the young farmer writhed in pleasure. At that moment Twist didn’t care if the whole fist went in as long as Boss didn’t stop what he was doing!

Suddenly the gripping hand and fingers withdrew leaving him smothering from the intense need that had been building and building. His injured back and head seemed to explode in agony and was instantly replaced with a never experienced before need that came from nowhere.

His testicles were a millisecond from releasing and opposing muscles spasmed against each other from conflicting signals. It was worse than being kicked in the balls and he screamed at the top of his lungs, his heaving chest gasping for air.

In need of relief from the pain, he stretched his spine out flat molding his back to the floor.

Before he realized it was happening, the handsome muscleman got up on his knees and straddled Twist's hips as if he were about to sit on the young man's chest. In the dark, Bossman towered threateningly over him and Johnny feared this conquering behemoth was about to force-feed his cock into Twist's mouth as a test.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Facing each other now, a strong determined hand reached beneath and guided the twenty-year-old’s dribbling slick cockhead to pierce a puckered opening.

Jim sat down on the surprised young man’s shaft and they both groaned in pleasure as John’s quivering cock pushed all the way up inside of a muscled, warm and tight tunnel until it could go no further.

Twist’s arms flailed over his head wildly against the floor and desk as he babbled nonsense.

Bossman threw his head back and power growled like a wild animal.

Johnny continued gurgling out random sounds as his brain tried and failed to understand how he could be the one being raped... by the man that he was fucking. His hands hungrily sought out and up towards deep creases between huge mounds of writhing muscle, pausing often at hard nipples that seemed to have grown three times their normal size.

Jim rose up achingly… slowly, leaving the victim of his lust fighting for his breath as the intense ring of his sphincter climbed tightly toward the young man’s engorged mushroom dickhead. Beneath him Twist bawled like a kid that’d just been slapped by his mother for misbehaving.

The brawny hunk reached beneath and planted his palms atop each hip to keep Johnny from bucking his steel shaft all the way back in as he ever-so-slowly lowered himself all the way down again… and again… and again.

Desperate hands grabbed up behind Bossman’s neck and began pulling their faces together on instinct before he realized what he was doing. Big palms left Twist’s hips and encircled the rancher’s neck too, and their lips connected in a fiery rejoining,

Johnny rapidly and repeatedly pumped unhindered in and out despite the pain in his spine, in and out, for all he was worth, barely able to breath through his clogged sinuses unable and unwilling to break that kiss. The incredible thrill of this forbidden act grew and grew as he fucked harder and harder, and faster and faster.

He'd never once felt anywhere near this with Martha and it frightened and thrilled him at the same time. A craving began building for something sexual that was even more unthinkable only moments ago.

Urgent arms began tugging Jim’s hips forward until John’s cock reluctantly escaped Bossman’s ass. A moment later the big man’s penis was eagerly swallowed and Twist began urgently sucking on it like a starving newborn baby on his mother’s tit! The long thick monster was only half in and already gagging him as it touched his tonsils.

Big Jim didn’t believe this was happening and was so unprepared that he started shooting his mouth-filling load before he could even think of how to stop it in order to make it last!

Unbelievably, Twist’s throat worked to swallow rather than spit it out.

Gasping for air, Jim gathered his strength and endurance.

It was Twist's turn to cum.

Bossman pulled his cock out of that still sucking mouth and sat backwards down, impaling himself again on Johnny’s lap, rising, falling, and undulating his hips to jack off Twist with his tight wanting ass.

John’s left hand reached for another urgent caress of those fantasy pecs while his right palm sought out and found the big man’s rehardening penis and began jacking it tightly. Fingers pinched nipples, hands became even more frenzied as the smell of testosterone and lust filled the room. Groans got louder and somehow each sensed the other’s closeness to orgasm and held off, determined to cum together.

In the travel-trailer clear on the other side of the now-empty stock pens, Mary was awoken by the sound of two men howling together at the top of their lungs in unashamed primal screams… then things went silent.

She smiled and went back to sleep.

That guy Twist would be a top earner for sure…

...She couldn't wait for her turn at him.

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